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Matt in Iraq
Mel passed along these pictures of Matt in Iraq that she found on the internet. Unfortunately Matt doesn't take any pictures and he rarely sends any home. Thankfully Mel keeps her eyes peeled for him on the web.
15 Nanoseconds of Fame
Matt showed up on the CNN news when a reporter spent a day with his unit and filmed a sort of "day in the life" video. The video is on the CNN web site. Clicking on the link will open the clip. Matt is the soldier resting on the ground, about one minute into the clip.

Pictures from Iraq
Matt, left, and one of his battle buddies visit with a local family.

Matt tells the story of finding a bomb cache in a house in Baqouba, and his unit decided to blow it up. Unfortunately, the house next door also blew up. Collateral damage, we guess. Believe this was the site of those houses.

Cooter and Matt strike poses in Diyala Province. Our family got to meet Cooter at Thanksgiving in 2004, and I'm sure he'd rather be in Michigan than in Iraq.

Matt's emails sometimes turn Cherie's hair white:

Hey guys. How are things going? I am good. We got back this morning from an eventfull field trip. I think that is the closest I have gotten to being shot. We had to run for about 200 meters over an open field while a machine gun was opening up on us. We got into a fight that lasted for a while and ended up getting pinned down twice. I think I have never run faster in my life. You sure cannot beat the rush though. We also had some other shootings while we were out but not that close. One guy in the company got shot in the leg. I think he will be ok though. Lucky bastard gets to go home. I think any of us will take a bullet at this point to go home. Take it easy and I will call soon hopefully. I love and miss you both very much.

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