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A Day and Night in San Diego

We are still adjusting to life in California. To orient ourselves, we've visited some of the attractions in the area. A couple of images from those visits are shown on this page.

Balboa Park Bazaar The beautiful Balboa Park hosts the San Diego Zoo, numerous museums, gardens, and theaters, many of which are housed in buildings erected in the mid-1930's for the California-Pacific International Exposition.
The banner outside the automotive museum says it all... California, Here We Come
Paradise The lush vegetation, even in late August, is remarkable. Trees are in bloom, flowers blossom on bushes and stalks, the grass is verdent.
Cherie pauses for a coffee break outside the Globe Theater. Does she look like one of its starletts, or what? Coffee at the Globe
Polar Bears Moving to the zoo, we watch the polar bears chillin' out by the pool.
One of the bears decides it's time to take the plunge. Polar Bear Swim
Already Takin A takin plays leapfrog with his mate, not quite making it over the hump, so to speak. Sorry, kids, this picture is rated PG-13.
During the late summer the zoo stays open into the night, allowing visitors a chance to see the wildlife when they are more active. The night we were there, we had a full moon illuminating the park. Even so, we blinded the animals with our infernal flash. Giraffe
Blue Point Coastal Cuisine We haven't had a bad dinner yet in San Diego. Cooking is an art that is widely practised, and in fact, perfected in southern California. Here Cherie dines al fresco at the Blue Point Coastal Cuisine in the Gaslamp Quarter downtown.
Looking at San Diego's downtown from Coronado, across the harbor. A laid back attitude knits together the beach life with the bustle of the city. Perhaps that's the secret ingredient that makes living here so enjoyable. Skyline
Surfer's Car Folks heading out to the beach to get in a couple of hours of surfing makes parking along the coast a challenge on the weekend. Getting there in style is as important as hanging ten. I think this surfer has been at it a number of years.
A surfer rides his wave in to the shore. Surfer
Surfin' Safari Even on a cool, cloudy day the water is full of surfers looking for the big wave.
Cherie and I are more the swimming type. We went to Coronado Beach to sun and soak before the elegant spread of the Del Coronado Hotel. We enjoyed the 3-foot swells crashing on the beach, but learned some important lessons: keep your mouth closed (this stuff tastes like the salt water your mother gave you to cure canker sores); keep an eye out for the sharks (I was spooked from all the shark attacks in Florida recently. When I unexpectedly bumped into the ocean bottom, I nearly had a heart attack); and you can either stand defiantly and let the rolls smack you around, or you can swim out a little further and just ride on the swells like a fishing bobber. Both are fun. Coronado Beach

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