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Walking the Planks of the Tall Ships

Cherie, Sal, and I visited the San Diego Maritime Museum on a February weekend. Two tall ships were visiting town, and they, as well as the permanent exhibit of the Star of India, were open for viewing. If you like things nautical, and don't mind the floor rocking under your feet, this is the place to relive the glory of the sail and steam ships that plied the Pacific.

The Star of India The museum consists of a three-deck 1890's-era railroad ferry that plied San Francisco Bay; a small private steam and sail ship, circa 1920, and the 3-masted sail boat dating back to the 1860's, The Star of India. On this weekend, two other tall ships were in town and were also available for viewing, with their helpful crews on board explaining the working of the sails and other other nautical arts.
The Wooden Maiden The maiden figurehead on one of the ships' prows leads the way over the rolling seas.

The navigator charted the course in the small chart room, where not an inch of space was wasted.

Chart Room
The visiting 2-masted ships stood handsomely in the harbor, like time travelers from another era.

At right, a thoroughly modern maiden stood on deck amidst the lines and sails.

Maid of the Mast
A Miniature World Brought to Life Ship models in bottles and in glass cases, were so small, in some instances, a magnifying glass was required to appreciate the details of these works of art.
The port of San Diego, as viewed from below decks on the Star of India. The Port of San Diego
The Ferry's Stained Glass Windows
Stained glass windows adorned the ornate public deck of the railroad ferry.
Dish Cupboard Dish cupboards are cleverly slotted to keep the dishes in place while the decks roll in the waves.
A maze of pipes and valves dominates the steam room below decks Now which valve controls the boiler?
...All The Aweigh Give us a jingle sometime, or if it's an emergency, ring our bell. The communications system appears to be getting into the holiday spirit.

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