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Sonogram Snapshots
Anna had her first sonogram on November 30th. They say the images have come a long way since the blurry, low-resolution images of our kids in the '80s. I don't know—they still remind me of clouds on a lazy summer day, when you lay on your back and use your imagination to come up with shapes and stories. To that end, here are some of the photos from Anna's sonogram...you tell me what you're looking at, and I'll give you my impressions.

Starting on the left, this one reminds me of an alligator sticking its head under water to find food. See the scaley alligator skin? Of course, that's actually a profile of her back and ribs, but I like the alligator story better. Happy hunting, Allie!

Baby Allie playing with a yo-yo to pass time in the womb

Allie spitting milk at her mom, practising for the real thing

Looking down on her skull, with Allie looking off to the left. The outline of the skull, eye sockets, and nose/mouth are somewhat visible. I think she's holding her breath and blowing bubbles in her brain.

Baby's first butt shot. The doctor says this shows she's a girl rather than a boy. What, is it the tutu that gives it away? Apparently Doc is good at cloud interpretation.

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