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Wayne's Spoken Fer

Friends and Family Gather to Celebrate ...

Wayne and Janene tied the knot at a dude ranch in southern Arizona before a group of family and friends. It was a weekend to remember—those who weren't drinking probably still do. For the others, well, there's always an "America's Funiest Home Videos" cameraman in the crowd.

... And Everyone Has a Fallin' Down Good Time

Wayne's friend Huebe took celebrating to heart—but he's fallen and can't get up. Polly was sympathetic...she would have helped set him upright, except her hands were full (hey, we can't spill that wine, now, can we?). Fortunately Barbara was around to save the day. Wow, do Wayne and Janene know how to throw a party or what?!
The Gang's All Here

Friends and family hitched up their wagons, broke out their Sunday best denim, and gathered at Rex Ranch south of Tucson to witness the nuptials and wish the couple a long and healthy marriage.

Janene, the bride to be, welcomed everyone from Michigan, Florida, Georgia, and Arizona (and points in between) to the wild, wild west.

The festivities began the day before the wedding, where everyone gathered at the Apache House—the newlywed's private abode—to water down their parched throats after traveling miles across the desert, dodging Injuns' (casinos), and pickin' prickers off their pants from the cacti-studded scrubland. Welcome to Wayne's World, boys and girls!

These two cowboys picked up a good joke or two on the trail. Roll the mouse over their pictue to see how the punch line is delivered. What, we can't all share? Is this the one about the traveling cowpoke and the rancher's daughter?
Becky, at right, is having no part of this blue language (yeah, right). Jan, Terry, and Becky do their best impression of the "speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil" monkeys found in souvenier shops. Nice touch...monkeys in cowboy hats, that would make a good postcard.

Meanwhile, in the foreground, the other Terry reaches out to shake hands with Bud, figuring this conversation may make way more sense if he can get into the same frame of mind.

The chuckwagon rolled into camp, and the party moved into the dining room during the day, where the ranch's rustic theme decked the walls. From left, Terry, Becky, Rick (hidden) Heube, Dick (hidden), Polly, Halley, and Katie share grub and gab.

Gatherin' 'Round the Fire

Becky, Cherie and Jan tell tall hat tales

Tim and Teri share sibling smiles with Teri's daughter Haleigh

Sure, it was Arizona, but it was also February, and the fireplace in the courtyard, soft leather couches, warm wine and cold beer felt mighty fine. Say, did Cherie mention the story about changing Tim's diapers when he was Haleigh's age...

Teri holds Haleigh in her lap

and Mitch joins the party

Janene is happy to be expanding her grandmotherly world with Haleigh and Katie
Serendipitously, an up and coming new-age author, Patricia Heller, dropped by to share her philosophy of listening to the world around you and acting accordingly.

At left, Jan gets a copy of her book, If You Hear the Message Three Times, Listen, signed by Patricia. At right, Jan demonstrates the concept to a poor male passer-by. Men ... you just can't get them to shut up and "listen" to anything!

Unlike Rick, Terry was atuned to the world around him. He was the virtual cyclops of the weekend—if the movie camera wasn't at his eye, it was in his hand. Go ahead, count the pictures in which he was caught filming the old west. Wonder what he found so interesting?
OK, I'm beginning to see a pattern here...

Yep, that's Terry shooting old west wildlife...

...in the form of Becky and Cherie—where's the beads?
Haley wonders what kind of family her Grandma is getting into.

Teri takes a different tack. She don't want no wampum—she's lookin' for cold, hard cash. She raised over $40 for her shopping trip to Tubac just by putting on a sorry face and begging for money.

Teri learned this in Florida...they don't call it the "panhandle" state for nothing.

"OK, who put the friggin' IOU in the hat?" Teri demands. Meanwhile her shill, Jan, checks for counterfeits.

Joanne, at left, looks a little dubious about this ploy, and ain't taking no stiff arming from Rick. Terry, however, being the nice guy that he is, is a sucker for a damsel in distress (or any dress for that matter) and looks like he may be the next mark.
Wayne: Man, can you believe this stunt?

Cherie: No, but I wish I'd thought of it first.

Tim and Jan tune up ... each in their own way

Tim dreams of playing the Cow Palace...

...while Jan sucks it down
As the sun sets on Wayne's last night as a bachelor, it's time to move the party indoors. But not before Gregg gets a couple of kisses goodnight—looks like he's anticipating some sweet dreams.

Night Falls on Rex Ranch

The ranch house is aglow as the stars pop out in the Arizona sky. Guests were treated to a steak dinner by a crackling fireplace in the lodge.

Family Snapshots

John has a devil of a good time with mom Joanne and Terry

Jan thinks Alex can be a little devil too

Dick and Polly are looking for crackers

Speaking of crackers, Rick with Harvey the rabbit, and Terry

Polly explains to Becky that filet mignon really is steak

I want some of whatever Suzanne, Doug & Teah are drinking

Romance In The Air

When Wayne gets to smacking them lips, you'd better hold on to your hat, Janene. (Run your mouse over the photo to see what I mean)
With all this candlelight and kissing going on, it seems a good time to retire to our room, where a fire glows in the fireplace

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