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Daniel and Harmony Tie The Knot
It may have been the only day it rained in months, but April showers brought an awesome rainbow to Tucson...certainly a harbinger of a lucky and prosperous marriage for Harmony and Daniel.

A rainbow rises in the mountains...the backdrop to Daniel and Harmony's wedding at the Westward Look Resort

Father Christmas, er, the officiant, performs the wedding before family and friends while Harmony and Daniel share a smile. Thinking ahead, are they?

The happy couple

Harmony's sisters share the good luck of standing under a full rainbow. Might mean there are two pots of gold...one on each end. Harmony, in the middle, of course doesn't need money, as she has love and that's all anyone needs.

Turns out Harmony has many loving men in her life, between Daniel and members of her family, left.

Harmony and Daniel, center, are surrounded by family.
From left, Aunt Judeen, Father Howard, Niece Kinsey, Sister Dawn, and Mother Jeanne.
Kinda sounds like a good Catholic family, doesn't it?

The reception was lit by candles from Jeanne's large Party Lite collection...it really made the room glow.

Forget the cake, have a taste of this...

Hey, you want to eat this or wear it?

And so begins many happy hours around the dinner table.

Weddings are happy family times. Here, Dawn and her daughter Kinsey are all smiles at the thought of a new woman in the family

Daniel and his mom Jeanne share a quiet moment of joy during the bustle of the reception

Above, Howie's sibs share the joy, from left, sister Ovidia, brother George, and Howie, father of the groom.

Daniel's family gathers around

Below, Aunt Ovidia and Uncle Don are joined by their daughter Cody and Troy

Cherie always has fun at weddings,
surrounded by family and loved ones.

At left, she holds granddaughter Ally,

and below, a photo of the two of us.

Plus her Monday night, "Girl's Night," buddies Jeanne, left, and Anna, right.

The wedding reception was both inside and on the outside patio of the resort. Cherie and Don share a joke while getting a breath of fresh air on the patio. Did I mention that the bar was also on the patio?

After an exhausting afternoon and evening of celebration and revelry, Daniel and Harmony collapse on the floor, tired but still wearing smiles.

At the threshold to the honeymoon suite, Daniel lifts Harmony into his arms before entering the room. We'll leave the rest of the night to your imagination.

Jeanne rests by the resort's fireplace, relieved that the wedding day is over and perhaps contemplating blessings to follow.

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